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Modern dance embraces a variety of elements that have historically differentiated it from ballet. Modern dancers do not work with outwardly rotated hips, for example. They also do not wear shoes, but train barefoot. The style focuses on expressing inner emotion through a dancer’s personal interpretation.

Yes! Our Core Dance Program (formerly Core Curriculum) classes allow for children to enter at any point. They are grouped by age and the curriculum is developmentally appropriate, allowing for a range of previous experience and technical ability. We also have beginner level classes in a variety of techniques.

Children can begin ballet at age 3. Although ballet is the basis of many styles of dance and benefits a dancer’s training immensely, it is never too late to begin studying ballet.

This is an individualized decision made in consultation with the teacher, but in general, we do not advise dancers going on point earlier than age 11. See course details

Core Modern-Jazz classes begin in 4th grade. Hip hop classes are available to children in kindergarten and up. See course details

Hip hop is a physically challenging, creative dance form with roots in African dance, breakdance and martial arts. At Steffi Nossen, hip hop is taught as a technique. The lyrics, movement and content in our classes are always age appropriate. See course details

Our modern dance classes are offered in two-year blocks. This vertical grouping of dancers allows for a range of abilities to be nurtured within the scope of the curriculum. New material is choreographed each year and new music composed for the dances.

A uniform emphasizes discipline and respect in a dance class; it discourages competition and reduces distractions. Skirts are discouraged as they do not allow teachers to adequately see whether the dancers are using proper alignment.

That depends on multiple factors including the age of the child. Faculty will guide you in these individualized decisions. However, students often enroll in two classes a week in two styles at age 8 and up.

Our school motto is, “Anyone can dance—and everyone should!” We conduct a program of classes for children and adults with special needs, Moving Wheels & Heels. When appropriate, children with special needs are mainstreamed into classes for typical children.

Master Class I and II dancers are required to enroll in a minimum of two additional classes per week from our Core, Ballet, Jazz or Modern Technique offerings. While Junior Master Class dancers are only required to be enrolled in one additional class from the above offerings, dancers in fifth grade and up are strongly encouraged to add a second class to enhance their technical and artistic abilities. Ballet is highly recommended. Participation in the Master Class program is by teacher recommendation and audition only.

All core classes culminate in a year-end costumed performance, except for Ballet IV. We also have a, Dance Theater Group, Fall Choreography Showcase Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Tap Ensemble, Improvisation/Composition, Hip Hop Ensemble. These groups do not require an audition to participate.

No, we are a conservatory-style school and a strong proponent of dance literacy. We emphasize the art, joy and discipline of dance rather than costumes, spectacle and competition.

We do! For more information click here. 

We are happy to arrange a payment plan.Please call the office for details. SNSD does have a need-based financial aid program with a sliding scale. Please see our Financial aid application for further information and requirements.

We follow closings in the school district where classes take place. Closings will be announced on our homepage, as well as on News 12 Westchester, online at www.news12.com, 103.9 WFAS radio, and on our answering machine.

Dancers may enroll in Core classes through the end of February. Technique classes have open enrollment throughout the year; students may join at any time. Tuition is always prorated.

Yes. Classes can be made up in the parallel class on another day.

Yes. Our pre-professional Steffi Nossen Dance Company is available for performances and lecture/demonstrations at your venue. We encourage audience participation. We can also arrange for a SNSD faculty member to come to your school or facility for a program/workshop.