Adult Programs

Adult Programs

Adult Tap, Theater Jazz and Dance Yoga Fusion classes all have 2 pricing options:
-$25 1 Drop-In Class
-$225 10 Class Pack*
*4 month expiration (Visa, Mastercard and Discover Are Accepted)

Parkinson's Dance Classes are all free!

Classes coming this fall!!!

Dylan's Tap Class Begins Monday, October 3rd

Shannon's Dance Yoga Fusion Class Begins Wednesday, September 14th

Paige's Theater Jazz Class Begins Thursday, October 13th

Parkinson's Dance Classes Begin Monday, October 17th in White Plains and Tuesday, October 18th in Ossining

Weekly Schedule

A fun class for adults looking to learn the unique American dance form. Tap dance is a great way to engage your mind, all while getting a great workout! A perfect class if you are a brand new tapper or brushing up on the basics and foundations of tap dance.

This class focuses on the fundamentals of Jazz dance with an emphasis on technique and musicality. We will start with a warm-up to get our bodies moving, while focusing on strength and flexibility. The beginning of the class will include work on isolations, focus on placement, dynamic movement across the floor and other building-blocks of jazz, which will guide students in improving their skills as dancers throughout the class and combinations. The choreographed combinations are greatly influenced by classic jazz and social dance moves, focusing on the musicality that drives the song, and consequently us as the dancers. We will finish the class with a fun combination to really get you dancing and feeling good.

Elevate your energy with Yoga Dance Fusion. This class is a combination of asanas, accessible dance movement, stretching and strengthening, ending with a relaxing shavasana. This unique mix blends the playful freedom of dance with the awareness and presence of yoga.

Enjoy a dynamic and fun hour of dance and artistic exploration in a group setting. Bring a partner, friend, or caregiver! No dance experience necessary. Stand up or sit down, as you like. Join our FREE movement class based on the internationally acclaimed Mark Morris Dance Group Dance for PD program with our teachers who are professionally trained in the Dance for PD® method.

October 17th - December 5th
1:30 - 2:30 pm
White Plains

October 18th - December 6th
1:30 - 2:30pm
Bethany Arts Community
40 Somers Road
Ossining, NY 10562

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