Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

We have various Yoga Classes to meet your needs! Please register with confidence. We require a 12 hour notice if you are unable to make it to a class. Email: to let us know. Thank you!

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Betsy’s level I, slow flow yoga class is a light, no-nonsense, uncomplicated approach to gently move the body, consciously breath, and always commences with a significant focus on a progressive deep relaxation at the end. As long as you can transition from standing to lying on the floor a couple of times during class, this experience will be accessible to you!

This class combines two complementary yoga styles to promote mindful awareness and calm in body and spirit. Each class begins with a slow paced, alignment-based flow where we link movement and breath through a gentle vinyasa-style sequence. We then move into a series of restorative poses that will invite a quieting of the mind and body through supported and longer held postures. This class is appropriate for all levels, including beginners. Leave class feeling calmer (and stronger) in mind and body, as well as refreshed and restored.

This class engages participants in a practice that helps participants cultivate awareness and mindfulness of the body and mind. Class starts with participants flowing through a series of poses and concludes with guided meditation. Class is appropriate for all bodies and experience levels. Great for individuals wanting to slow down and reconnect with themselves to help manage stress.

This class uses guided breathwork and movement specifically catered to pregnant women, within a supportive environment. The aligned use of breath and movement helps to navigate the unique physical changes during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga offers the tools to stay grounded and mindful throughout pregnancy, with the goal of approaching labor with a greater connection between mind and body.

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