Master Class

Master Class Program

The Master Class program is the most advanced technical study/choreographic course available within the Steffi Nossen School of Dance. This Pre Professional Program offers our more serious students the unique opportunity to train extensively in the May O’Donnell method while focusing on their technical and performance advancement. Students are immersed in the entire creative process and are taught by professional teachers and choreographers while under the direction of our Artistic Director.

All Master Class dancers are required to enroll in two additional technique classes, (one Ballet, one Modern or Jazz). Participation in the Master Class program is first by teacher recommendation. All candidates and returning dancers are required to take a placement class in the Spring before entering or returning to the Master Class Program in the Fall. An Executive panel carefully adjudicates the placement class to better place the student based on their technical level, curriculum knowledge, age and emotional readiness.

To RSVP for the Master Class Placement Audition please email Jessica DiMauro Marks, Artistic Director:

Fall Auditions for the 2024-2025 Master Class Program will be on Saturday, June 1st

12:30 pm - 1:30pm Junior Master Class (4th - 7th Grades)
1:30pm - 2:30pm Master Class I (7th - 10th Grades)
2:30pm - 3:30pm Master Class II (9th - 12th Grades)

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Junior Master Class is the first level of our pre-professional program, specifically designed for dancers grades 4th-7th looking for a more excelled training program. Dancers will continue to advance their understanding of the May O’Donnell Method. Dancers are invited to audition through a placement class by teacher recommendation.

Master Class I is the continuation and second level of our pre-professional program for dancers grades 7th-10th. Dancer will continue to expand their knowledge and understanding of the May O’Donnell Method and curriculum, advance their technique, alignment and enhance their performance while under the direction of Master Class teacher and Artistic Director, Jessica DiMauro Marks.

Master Class II is the highest level of Modern dance training within our pre-professional program for dancer’s 9th-12th grade. Under the instruction of Master Class teacher, Annie Doss dancers will hone in on their technical skills, artistry and craft. Advanced May O’Donnell curriculum will be designed specifically to meet the needs our dancers to best prepare them for working with our Steffi Nossen Dance Company while looking long term for college preparatory and working in the performing arts.

Is required to take ALL classes.

Master Class I & II:
Are required to take 6 technique classes + 3 conditioning classes

Performance Opportunities

Master Class dancers will have the privilege to perform in our annual Community & Benefit Concerts and Anniversary Gala alongside our Steffi Nossen Dance Company each year held in the Spring. Junior Master Class and Master Class I will also perform in our Annual Concerts alongside our Core Program dancers at White Plains High School.


How does a dancer become part of the Master Class program?

Master Class dancers are selected from the age-based Core and level-based Technique classes in an ongoing review process by our faculty School Director. Dancers in 3rd grade and up are evaluated in terms of their technical and artistic abilities, performance qualities, classroom demeanor, attendance and general level of commitment.

Dancers are usually identified in January and invited to view the Annual Benefit performance in the spring as well as a Master Class rehearsal in the studio. We believe that experiencing both the class and the performance gives dancers and their families the necessary tools to evaluate the program and decide if they are interested in making a more serious commitment to dance. If so, they may participate in the fall auditions. A dancer may also be identified as a candidate after the Children’s Shows or during summer dance programs and offered the same audition opportunity.


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