The School


The Steffi Nossen School of Dance has a class for every age, ability and interest. Founded as a Modern Dance school in 1937 by dance pioneer Steffi Nossen, the Steffi Nossen School of Dance (SNSD) offers the highest quality of developmentally appropriate dance instruction and performance opportunities for all ages and abilities. From toddlers through pre-professionals, students have the opportunity to learn a wide range of dance forms including Creative Movement, Modern, Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop. The diverse offerings of classes and techniques reflects our philosophy that dance is universal and a unique form of education. This will develop the body, mind, spirit and character. Using an engaging conservatory style classes we challenge each student to strive for personal excellence in a supportive, inclusive, non-competitive environment. Employing our educationally sound, sequential curriculum fosters technical growth and exploration through dance. Our esteemed faculty fosters the joy of dance along with its inherent discipline, training professionals and recreational dancers alike with equal encouragement and enthusiasm.


“I had my first dance classes at ages 5-8 in NYC with one of the original “Isadorables”. We wore tunics, turned and jumped to beautiful music, with colorful scarves, and made little dances to poems; it was magical and I was hooked. So when my family moved from the city to Westchester in 1952, the first thing to do was to enroll in the Steffi Nossen School – again, more magic! I couldn’t wait for The Saturday Master Classes, the sense of community, and the wonderful lessons in musical forms and variations given by the beloved Jess Meeker. She was both stern and loving. I have memories of being her traveling demonstrator, of dancing as a young Robin in the opening of Stratford’s Shakespeare Theatre and of sitting on the Harwood studio floor with everyone listening intently to Steffi summarize the day’s accomplishments. Inspiring!”

– Susannah Newman; Emeritus SUNY Brockport; Steffi Nossen ’62 graduate

“Steffi was my first dance teacher when I was 8 years old. Believe it or not, I did not know how to skip until that first class. And when I learned I thought I was flying and was hooked on dancing from then on.”

– Carla Maxwell, Dancer and Artistic Director of Limon Dance Company