Adaptive Dance

Adaptive Dance Classes

Steffi Nossen adaptive dance classes give children and adults with special needs a dance class of their own; movement is adapted so that everyone can participate and be successful. Classes encourage physical movement which promotes kinesthetic intelligence and builds gross and fine motor skills, promotes positive social interactions, self-confidence, and focus. Our dance classes also provide an opportunity for creative expression, of particular importance for children who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally or understanding emotions. Please note that this is not dance therapy.


Kids: $275
Youth/Adults: $325

Spring Semester Begins February 6th

Kids (5-6 years)
4:00 - 4:45pm

Youth (Ages 7-16)
4:45 - 5:55 pm

Adult (16+)
5:45 - 6:45 pm

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For students ages 5-6
Class size is small for an intimate and focused learning opportunity. It explores imaginative movement concepts, develops muscle control/balance and fundamentals of dance skills, and gives children an opportunity to move to music in a fun and safe environment.

For students ages 7-16

This class is technique focused, and tailored to each individual's abilities- using simple patterns, sequencing, and repetition for fundamentals of ballet, O'Donnell modern, jazz, African, and improvisation. Basic academic skills (rhythms, spatial awareness, counting, shapes, etc) are reinforced while working with peers in an encouraging space.

All adults welcome!

This class is concept focused- using leadership opportunities to develop creativity and independence. Along with maintaining the basic fundamentals of ballet, O'Donnell modern, jazz, African, and improvisation, we focus on building musicality, emotion, dynamics, artistic expression, and a sense of community.

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In our Adaptive Dance Classes our supportive, inclusive community spreads the joy of dance in all forms.


My daughter Margaret McAllister who is 19 with autism has been participating in the Steffi Nossen adaptive dance program since she was 5yrs old.  Since the very beginning, Margaret has benefited from  the Dance in so many ways namely  community with others, and  communication and expression   not only in the verbal  sphere  but through the movement of the body.   As a parent, I have been so amazed at her progress over the years with the help of superb and dedicated teachers and assistants.  My daughter has especially enjoyed the live music which has provided a wonderful   dimension to the class.  The weekly sessions have been fun for Margaret with lots of giggle and laughs and  challenging , demanding focus and discipline in steady increments with each lesson.   Each student has been respected for their individuality and supported with much patience and compassion.    I feel so fortunate to have Margaret enrolled in this program and proud of how she has grown because of this Steffi Nossen dance program.

–          Maureen McAllister


I am the parent of Joseph DeLuca age 16 who is on the autistic spectrum. Joseph has been attending Steffi Nossen adaptive dance classes for approximately 10 years and in those years I have seen a tremendous improvement in his overall physical dexterity.  While his gross motor skills were not bad, his fine motor skills were not very good.  Over the years with the help of the instructors at the school, he has much more dexterity and control over his body.  His upper body strength has improved and he is much more focused, which is a major issue with many children on the spectrum. The young assistants are very caring and he follows their every direction. He loves to come to dance class so much that when I come home from work he is dressed and ready to come to the class.  I bring him to class even though I work two jobs and the class is scheduled between these two jobs, causing me to skip dinner to bring him. It is all worth it because when he enters the class, he does so with such enthusiasm that it gladdens me to see him like that.  I hope that the school will continue to function the way is has in the past and that the funding for such a great program continues to allow children like my son to live a fuller and richer life. Thank you for everything all of you do.

–           John DeLuca

Adaptive Summer Dance

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Anyone can dance and Everyone should! – Steffi Nossen

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