Core Modern


Our sequential age and developmentally appropriate curriculum teaches modern dance technique using the method developed by our founder, dance pioneer Steffi Nossen. It incorporates rhythms, patterns, collaboration and creativity along with other founders of modern dance education such as Martha Graham, May O’Donnell, Lester Horton, Alvin Ailey and Merce Cunningham. All core Modern classes begin in September and culminate in a year-end performance in May.

Our Fall 2021 classes will be IN-PERSON!

Core Modern starts September 22nd

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This class is a creative and innovative introduction to basic modern dance vocabulary and curriculum. The Steffi Method uses structured sequences and dances to teach rhythm, patterns and levels. Basic composition studies are introduced in a supportive atmosphere to develop the individual voice of each dancer as well as encouraging dancers to work collaboratively. Self-expression and confidence building exercises are an essential part of the class.

Beginner Pre-Teen Modern (3rd-5th)
No experience required!

This introductory Modern class for pre-teens focuses on developing an understanding of modern technique while highlighting proper alignment, strength building, and flexibility. Articulation of the spine, control in floor work, traveling, jumps, and musicality are a main focus of this class. Plus, dancers get to develop improvisational and composition skills while working individually and in collaboration.

Modern IV (5th-7th) focuses on defining a more challenging vocabulary and curriculum while continuing to strengthen alignment, core and flexibility. Dancers will gain a better understanding of more advanced center and floor work while continuing to develop their Improvisation and composition studies.


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Anyone can dance and Everyone should! – Steffi Nossen

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