Core Tap

Core Tap

Our Core Tap classes are an introduction to a uniquely American dance form that grew out of African, Irish and Latin folk music and dance traditions. Tap is a percussive style of dance that uses rhythmic footwork to make sounds, rhythms and melodies while creating steps and choreography. Dancers will learn a combination of more traditional Broadway style Tap and Rhythm Tap. Dancers will focus on learning basic Tap rhythms skills and vocabulary while having fun and engaging their minds and bodies. All core Tap classes begin in September and culminate in a year-end performance in May.

No previous experience required. This fun and engaging introductory Tap class is geared for Kindergarten through 2nd graders who are interested in dance, music and rhythm. Dancers will learn basic Tap steps and vocabulary along with musicality and balance. A fun, active class for your energetic dancer.

1-2 years of previous experience required. Dancers will focus on learning basic Tap rhythms skills and vocabulary while enhancing their balance and musicality and challenging their creativity while engaging their minds and bodies.

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