Jazz Technique

Jazz Technique

Our Jazz Technique classes are for children in 7th grade through high school. Jazz is an American Dance form rooted in African, Caribbean and Latin cultural rhythms. Elements of isolations, syncopation, rhythm, quick foot work and change of direction with turns, jumps and leaps are all part of this Jazz Dance vocabulary. An intense technical warm-up consisting of conditioning, strengthening and stretching exercises provides the basis for across the floor sequences and choreography. Classical Jazz, Modern-based/Contemporary, Funk/Hip-Hop, Latin dance and Broadway Theater styles are explored.

No Previous experience required. This class is geared for Pre-Teens (5th - 7th grade) who are looking to develop their contemporary jazz technique. Dancers will focus on alignment, strength, flexibility and expressiveness. This class is perfect for a dancer that wants to build their technique and explore a more performance based class.

This class is designed to develop the dancer’s knowledge of jazz dance and vocabulary while adding a focus on alignment, strength, flexibility and expressiveness. Dancers will continue to work on isolations, syncopation, rhythm skills, jumps, turns and choreography. A great addition to the dancer who wants to build their technique and explore a more performance based class. The class incorporates prior Jazz vocabulary into more complex and challenging combinations.

Students will continues to focus on defining the dancer’s knowledge and articulation of jazz vocabulary and technique while adding a focus on expressiveness and performance quality. Dancers will further their study on advanced isolations, syncopation, rhythm skills, jumps, turns and leaps. Dancer will learn a diverse understanding of choreography in classic jazz, contemporary jazz and funk jazz styles. 3-4 prior years of dance required.

Our highest level Jazz students will continue to build on a more advanced technical class while fine tuning their musicality, attention to quality and artistry. The class incorporates prior vocabulary and curriculum into more challenging combinations. Students must have a mastery of Jazz vocabulary and technique to enroll in this class. By teacher placement only.

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Intermediate Contemporary Jazz

Advanced Contemporary Jazz

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