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5-Week Prenatal Series: $110
Prenatal Workshop: Use Code "NOSSEN" For 10% OFF

This class uses guided breathwork and movement specifically catered to pregnant women, within a supportive environment. The aligned use of breath and movement helps to navigate the unique physical changes during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga offers the tools to stay grounded and mindful throughout pregnancy, with the goal of approaching labor with a greater connection between mind and body.

We will be hosting The Parent Collective's Five-Week prenatal series. The Prenatal Class Series is designed for couples (birth partners are encouraged to attend) to both learn and socialize, over the course of a four-week period. There will be an additional gathering after babies are born with a date to be determined by each group. Each prenatal session is 2 hours with ample time for discussion and relationship building. Our classes are best taken in the third trimester, ideally completed before 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Use code "NOSSEN" at checkout for 10% off

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