Lineage, Legacy and Longevity

86th Annual Gala

This year is Steffi Nossen School of Dance’s 86th  Anniversary and we can’t think of a better way of celebrating this great achievement than by honoring our fabulous faculty and students. We pride ourselves in the legacy, lineage and longevity of the school, curriculum and community.

The School takes pride in focusing on the continuation of the legacy of our founder, her curriculum and passion for dance education, and the lineage and history of our school over the past 86 years. The heart and longevity of our mission lies within our faculty and students from the past, present and future that have danced and will dance their way through our doors.

It is our honor to present this demonstration of love, dedication and artistry in celebration of our 86th  Anniversary.

Saturday, March 25th

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Steffi Nossen School of Dance is rooted in modern dance and the premise that dance should be accessible to all. The entire village, tribe, town or county should have an equal opportunity to explore movement and music in order to make change, express their emotions, grow artistically, communicate or build a community. At Steffi Nossen This lineage has been shared through countless teachers, choreographers and students in the past 86 years, several who have returned as alums to help continue in this mission of sharing the love of dance with the community. This strong bond our Steffi dancers grow while taking class, training or teaching at Steffi Nossen is unique and one that should not be lost. Help us continue this lineage of movement education by supporting our past, present and future dance community.

A native of Berlin, Steffi Nossen was born in 1905 and began ballet at age three. Influenced by modern dance pioneers, Mary Wigman and Rudolph von Laban, she eagerly embraced the new dance form and quickly made it her passion to share the love of dance and movement through educating as many as she could. In 1935, Steffi came to the United States and settled in Larchmont, New York, and established the dance school two years later, built upon her conviction that the experience of dance should be a part of every person’s life.

Steffi Nossen has made significant contributions to the rich history of American modern dance and her legacy continues to positively influence the art form. Her carefully developed curriculum has informed the creative and artistic development of countless dancers over the generations, many of whom have gone on to successful careers in dance. More than 40 years after Steffi’s death, the school continues to carry on her educational vision, unique teaching method and love for the community.

The longevity of the school and foundation relies on the continued support of our dancers, families, faculty, teachers, choreographers, board, donors and supporters. Finding a unique ‘home’ where people feel they are seen and heard for who they are while learning how to express themselves through movement, build confidence, artistry and strength needs to be highlighted and celebrated. Finding the true moments in a young dancer’s life to give them an opportunity to feel free and powerful through movement while building a family that supports them is rare these days. This dedication to the individual in the room, no matter their cognitive, physical or technical ability is what makes Steffi Nossen School of Dance so special and has allowed us to be part of the community for 86 years. Through the commitment of our faculty, staff, alumni and board we dedicate ourselves to preserving Steffi’s mission and continuing in this long line of dance history. Our past, present and future dancers are our ‘home’ and family and we are so proud to celebrate all of them in this 86th Anniversary Gala.