Amanda Armenteros
Amanda is a true New Yorker, born and raised in the bustling city. Immersed in the vibrant dance scene of New York, Amanda's studies at Alvin Ailey and Harlem school of the arts fueled her passion for African-based dance forms. She has performed with renowned companies like Djoniba and Mfouambila and joined the all-female EVA dance company in Saigon, Vietnam. During her travels in Southeast Asia, Amanda had the opportunity to share her love for African dance by performing in Latin Dance Festivals, where she showcased her skills in Samba, Afrobeats, and traditional African dances. This experience was particularly meaningful for Amanda, as it allowed her to spread awareness of black culture and heritage in a different part of the world. Upon her return to New York, Amanda became a member of SouldanceCo, a distinguished dance company specializing in Afro-Contemporary and Latin movement. Here, she continues to teach and perform, driven by her unwavering love for the art of dance. Amanda's journey exemplifies her dedication to preserving and sharing the beauty of African diasporic movement across cultures and continents.