Yoga by Haven

This Summer, Steffi Nossen School of Dance is proud to launch a collaboration with Yoga Haven. Calling lower Westchester its home for over 20 years, Yoga Haven established itself as a welcoming community for all bodies and all levels; their talented and experienced teachers offered thoughtful practices that allowed students to return to life off the mat with a greater sense of ease and grace and understanding about their bodies.   In search of a new home after Covid, Yoga Haven saw a natural collaboration with Steffi Nossen in joining their communities through the universal language of movement. 


Steffi Nossen School of Dance is delighted to welcome Haven to their new home at our Studio and excited to extend and join our communities, to move our bodies and to practice in-person, together.  Class styles include slow mindful flows available to beginners and to experienced practitioners, challenging vinyasa flows for experienced students and Iyengar classes focusing on alignment appropriate for beginner students, and all Iyengar practitioners.  Open Pilates Mat is a total body workout that will increase strength, stamina and flexibility. Class is suitable for beginner through advanced participants as modifications will be provided throughout the lesson. All teachers take thoughtful approaches to meeting the students where they are.  Classes are drop-ins, leaving the student flexibility.  


At Steffi, we believe in a whole body approach to support + enhance your dance training.  We also believe that movement should remain available to all alumni of our program; supporting the idea that accessible movement is essential to whole body well-being, not just when we are young, but as we grow older, too.  As we build this community together, you’ll find practices to support your dance training, and practices to support the whole body + mind beyond your training as well.  Bringing together all mindful movers, yoga practitioners and dancers alike. Move, breathe, be.

Pricing Options:
-$25 1 Drop-In Class
(Visa, Mastercard and Discover Are Accepted)