Thursday, March 28, 2019

Our Annual Community Concert are an important part of the Steffi Nossen Mission and Outreach Program allowing over 700 children and adults who would not typically be able to attend a dance performance be part of an exciting evening of dance and artistic expression.  Our audiences includes a diverse group of children and adults with developmental disabilities and other community groups and organizations that are extremely appreciative of this wonderful opportunity.  Our dancers benefit from the unique experience as well, sharing the art of dance for such a special audience gives a broader sense of purpose and community values to our dancers and families.

The Foundation is a dance resource for all of Westchester County – promoting the awareness of dance, the opportunity to dance, and enriching the dance environment for students, professionals and audiences. The Steffi Nossen Dance Foundation provides outreach programs for a broad and diverse population. We believe that the enjoyment of dance is universal and can enrich the lives of all members of the community.







Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019

Time: 5:30PM

Contact: Denice Tomlinson