Mission and Teaching Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy

Steffi Nossen Method encourages students to express themselves through dance.

SNSD continues today with the same teaching philosophy that Steffi imbued it with more than eighty years ago. Anyone can dance — and everyone should! We are the oldest dance educational institution in Westchester and proud of the traditions that have been passed down through generations. SNSD is not just a studio, but a school and dance community that embraces the Steffi Nossen Method and curriculum that is consistently evaluated and refined.

The Steffi Nossen Method is an age and developmentally appropriate curriculum that teaches modern dance technique in the form of dances or patterns, rather than repetitive exercises. These patterns become more complex and challenging as students’ progress—making SNDS ideal for beginners to pre-professionals. This joyous approach encourages individual creativity, develops technique, alignment, self-confidence, discipline and a respect for the artist and the artist in each dancer.

We believe that dance is a unique form of education, developing the body, mind, spirit and character. Our classes are offered within several categories: dancing tots, young movers, core program, teen program, adaptive dance and pre-professional. Our supportive, inclusive environment provides a home in which students of all shapes and sizes may take risks and challenge themselves, thereby building confidence and self-esteem. Dancers come together from diverse backgrounds. By becoming actively involved in the creative process from the earliest years, they learn problem-solving skills and self-discipline as well as the value of collaboration and teamwork. Our dancers develop poise, elegance and a high level of technique and artistry.

Education, performance and outreach shape the mission of our school. SNSD dancers are taught the importance of giving back early on and often grow into leadership roles as teaching assistants or by taking part in volunteer opportunities throughout the school. Steffi Nossen School of Dance is a strong proponent of dance literacy and emphasizes the art, joy and discipline of dance to enhance the young mind while challenging each student’s individual cognitive, technical and artistic growth.