Alumni Association

Dancers who have studied with the Steffi Nossen School of Dance go on the become members in the Steffi Nossen Alumni Association (SNAA). The Association is dedicated to maintaining the core values of the Steffi Nossen School and fostering the engagement of alumni throughout their adult lives. Members can rely on the SNAA the help them remain connected to their Steffi Nossen experience, while providing new opportunities for networking and personal growth.

The Steffi Nossen Alumni Committee

Anna Rotante Canoni ‘96
JoAnne Collins Fairchild ‘77
Kathy Suval Gonzalez ‘86
Jennifer Russo ‘99


The SNAA is for any dancer who studied with the Steffi Nossen School of Dance and serves alumni:
  • As a place to connect with fellow alumni, share news and celebrate your Steffi Nossen experience
  • To empower alumni through lifelong connections to the Steffi Nossen School
  • To celebrate accomplishments of fellow alumni
  • To provide opportunities for professional and social networking
  • As a way to stay involved with the school after graduation
  • As a vehicle for staying informed about school activities
  • As a resource for staying in touch with the Westchester arts community

Stay connected with the Alumni Association through our Facebook page! Contact:

To help the SNAA better serve its mission and members, we ask that alumni please fill out this questionnaire at their discretion.

Steffi Nossen Alumni Questionnaire